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Basic Wash Kit

Basic Wash Kit

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The basic washing kit is a great introduction to our car care products. 

It contains Shinemax ceramic shampoo, a washing mitt and a drying towel.
These products will make your car look like factory new again. 
It can a perfect basic setup.

Once done, take a few steps back and enjoy!
With this kit you have extra discount then purchasing seperately

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Basic Wash Kit

Regular price €42,71
Regular price €56,95 Sale price €42,71


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Can i wash my whole car with this kit?

Yes this is a complete starter kit to get your car wash arsenal to the next level.

It provides the full interior and exterior car wash experience for your car.

These products have the newest nano technologies to ensure your ride will look amazing for weeks to come.

A step to step guide how to wash your car with this starter kit

1. Start with a pre-wash using Super Snow Foam
2. After rinsing off the pre wash its now time to wash your wheels and tyres. Add some Wheel Wonder to rims for a couple minutes, this is an iron eater which will remove all iron particles.
3. Make sure to wash off all the dirt off with a washing mit, wheel whoolie and dirt defender
4. Next comes hand wash, we recommend the 2-bucket method (wash bucket & rinse bucket) using Shinemax Ceramic Shampoo
5. Dip a chenille washmit or microfiber washmit into wash bucket and start washing your car in a straight lines, starting from the top and working down. For those hard to reach places use our exterior brushes.
6. Be sure to rinse the wash mitt regularly in the rinse bucket
7. When you have finished washing your car, rinse it thoroughly with water to remove all soap residue and then dry the surface with our super absorbent drying towel.
8. Add some Nanoarmor to a microfiber towel to get that deep gloss and ensure dirt cannot stick to your paint.

Interior Time!
1. Use our super soft bristol detailing brushes in combination with Quick Clean All purpose cleaner.
2. Buff out with a microfiber towel
3. Spray some Optiglass on your window to remove all grease.
4. Buff out to a streakfree finish with a glass towel.